White Collar and Corporate Crime

Our law firm's areas of expertise also include commercial criminal law issues.

Michael Kaufmann Specialist lawyer for criminal law / Partner

Career trajectory

  • Studied law in Trier
  • Legal clerkship in the OLG district of Saarbrücken
  • 2000 Admitted to the bar and joined the law firm Kropp Haag Hübinger
  • 2004 Admission to the law firm Kropp Haag Hübinger
  • 2006 Admitted as a specialist lawyer for criminal law

  • Judge at the Bar Court in the district of the Saarland Bar Association

  • Traffic Law Working Group of the German Bar Association
  • Saarland Bar Association

  • Co-author of the standard work on liability law: Geigel, Der Haftpflichtprozess, most recently 28th ed. 2020, Verlag C.H. Beck, Munich;
  • Mitgegangen, mitgefangen, mitgehangen - spouses in the focus of criminal and tax sanctions, NJW 2021, 893 (together with Peter Bilsdorfer);
  • The failed voluntary disclosure as an entry ticket for an effective voluntary disclosure, BB 2021, 535 (together with Peter Bilsdorfer);
  • The "temporary tax reduction" - a "practically unknown entity"? AO-Steuerberater 2021, 137 (together with Peter Bilsdorfer);
  • The contagiousness of the contagion - or: Unlimited blocking effect for voluntary tax disclosures?, DStR 2020, 1030 (together with Peter Bilsdorfer)