Julia Bender LL.M. Eur. Specialist lawyer for medical law / Specialist lawyer for social law

Career trajectory

  • 1993 - 1998 Studied law in Hamburg, Regensburg and Saarbrücken with periods abroad in Gothenburg/Sweden and Bristol/England
  • 1998 - 2003 Studied European Integration in Saarbrücken with a period abroad in Budapest/Hungary
  • 2001 - 2003 Legal clerkship in Saarbrücken
  • 2005 Awarded the degree "Master of European Law" (LL.M. Eur.)
  • 2003 - 2011 Legal practice with a focus on insurance lawM Employment at a private health insurance company, teaching activities at the AWO Nursing School and the AWO Academy, among others
  • 2015 Admitted as a specialist lawyer for medical law
  • 2017 Admitted as a specialist lawyer for social law
  • 2011-2022 Worked as a lawyer in a medium-sized law firm specializing in medical law and social law; taught at the Berufsakademie für Sozialwesen Saarland and for SHG Bildung gGmbH
  • 2022 Joined the law firm KHH LEGAL Kropp Haag Hübinger

  • Juris Practice Report on Medical Law;
  • Medical Law Working Group of the German Bar Association;
  • Social Law Working Group of the German Bar Association;
  • German Society for Statutory Health Insurance Physicians' Law (membership applied for);
  • German Society for Palliative Medicine;
  • Saarland Bar Association

  • "Self-determined dying?" The latest trends in the case law of the Federal Court of Justice on the termination of treatment (lecture at the Nursing Forum: Varitec AG 2018 Management Day Law);
  • "Medical confidentiality": New version of Section 203 StGB against the background of the GDPR (Lecture Praximum/ Munich 2018);
  • "Healthcare proxy, care directive and living will" (Lecture: Deutsche Parkinsonvereinigung e.V. 2018);  
  • Medical device law: Fundamentals of the manufacture of medical devices Safe operation and use of medical devices (Seminar: Aus -und Weiterbildung im Gesundheitswesen: AWO - Akademie Saar: 2019,2020,2021, 2022);
  • Medical device law: Safety officer for medical devices according to § 6 Medical Device Operator Ordinance / Basics of reporting (Seminar training and further education in healthcare AWO Akademie Saar: 2019,2020,2021, 2022);
  • Health law, care law (teaching activity SHG Bildung gGmbH: Certified specialists in healthcare and social services (IHK) 2019-2022);
  • "Anti-corruption law, data protection, clarification and information obligations, etc." (Further training: "Certified specialist:IN MKG - billing" Lafrentz billing service 2019, 2020);
  • Civil protection laws: "Substitution versus delegation": The most important changes in the Infection Protection Act (AWO-Akademie Saar: Management Day 2020, 2021);
  • Legal aspects in nursing care (R.O.M.B.U.S. Academy 2022)